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Insurance Recruiting In Florida

When insurance companies operating in Florida need recruiting solutions, many turn to The Jacobson Group. As one of the most trusted thought leaders in the insurance recruitment space for the past 50 years, Jacobson brings an unparalleled level of expertise to filling clients’ talent needs across the entire spectrum of industry disciplines. We leverage our network of high-caliber insurance professionals and world-class recruitment specialists to identify, attract and recruit talent to insurance organizations based in Florida and the rest of the United States. Jacobson has a demonstrated track record of providing Florida insurance recruitment services and connecting clients to the talent they need to move their businesses forward.

Leveraging Our Recruiting Experience

As the nation’s oldest and largest provider of insurance recruitment services, Jacobson offers a long-standing tradition of recruiting the best available talent for the industry’s open positions across the life, health, and property and casualty segments. Our clients benefit from the following:

  • Our insurance recruitment expertise: We have exclusively supported the insurance industry since 1971 in the life, health, and property and casualty verticals. This deep-seated knowledge allows us to provide premiere insurance recruiting in Florida. We have helped countless organizations in Florida expand their reach and identify talented candidates with the acumen necessary to make an impact on their organizations.
  • Our thought leadership: Jacobson frequently conducts in-depth market research and shares those findings to help the industry better understand the greater talent marketplace and its effects on their specific recruiting assignments. Our contributions have helped the industry benchmark effective strategies for attracting high-quality candidates, offered best practices on compensation, and addressed other pressing talent and recruitment issues facing the insurance industry.
  • Our expansive talent network: In Florida and elsewhere, Jacobson’s longevity and leadership in the industry is well-recognized. Because of our connections around the country, we are able to build relationships with professionals experienced in the health, life, and property and casualty markets.
  • Our client-centric focus: Jacobson believes trust is the most important element of a recruiting partnership. Our ability to cultivate trust lies in our commitment to acquiring the right talent for our clients. In fact, we only accept assignments for which we are confident we will be successful.

Offering a Proven Recruitment Process

Jacobson’s success in locating, attracting and recruiting the best available insurance talent in the industry is due to the expertise and skill of our insurance recruiting specialists. By applying the same rigorous recruiting standards as we do for our clients and continuing to invest in our talent, we set ourselves apart from other insurance consultants in Florida. Our insurance recruitment specialists continue to keep the pulse of the ever-changing talent landscape and apply their knowledge to help our clients succeed not only today, but into the future.

Delivering High-Caliber Recruitment Solutions Anywhere

Jacobson’s sheer marketplace longevity and exclusive focus on the insurance industry has positioned us as the leading Florida insurance recruiting company. We are insurance insiders and know the intricacies of the business just as if we were the business itself. This allows us to serve as a true extension of our client organizations, providing insurance recruitment services that extend our clients’ reach and result in high-caliber hires. Whether our clients operate solely in Florida, across multiple states or even globally, we can provide them with effective, focused solutions to their recruitment needs across all industry disciplines. Jacobson has the flexibility to deliver world-class insurance recruiting expertise to meet the precise requirements of our clients and the market.

Bringing Unparalleled Expertise for Clients

Jacobson’s unmatched expertise as Florida insurance recruiters, along with our extensive network of high-caliber talent and commitment to achieving success for our clients, makes us the premier source of recruiting solutions for the industry.

To learn how we can provide the insurance talent you need to achieve success, including executive talent, temporary staffing and more, contact us today.




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