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Insurance Recruiting In Virginia

Insurance providers in Virginia, as well as in the rest of the country, are facing a recruitment crisis. The competition for the best and brightest insurance professionals has become fierce as retirements are leading to a shrinking talent pool and a widening experience gap. Throughout the Virginia insurance market, insurers are working to expand their recruitment networks to attract and retain the talent necessary to ensure their continued success.

Organizations navigating the world of insurance recruitment can benefit from partnering with a firm able to offer extensive industry expertise. The Jacobson Group has been a leader in the insurance professional recruitment sector for 50 years. Jacobson’s expert Virginia insurance recruiters leverage our large network of high-caliber insurance professionals when working with clients throughout Virginia and the rest of the country. Jacobson has helped various Virginia-based clients meet their insurance talent needs, placing numerous permanent employees throughout the state, as well as providing insurance consultants in Virginia. Our experience and long history of demonstrated success make Jacobson the premier source for staffing solutions in Virginia and across the nation.

Unparalleled Industry Experience and Expertise

Jacobson has earned the trust of countless clients throughout the years, making us the nation’s oldest and largest provider of insurance recruitment services. Our proven expertise and extensive national network allow us to identify, attract and recruit the best available insurance talent for our clients’ specific needs. Jacobson offers our clients the following:

  • Insurance recruitment expertise: Since 1971, Jacobson has exclusively supported the insurance industry with expertise across all industry verticals, including life, health, and property and casualty insurance. Our deep knowledge of insurance recruiting in Virginia and throughout the United States allows us to quickly identify client/candidate matches and help clients choose the right candidates for their organizational goals.
  • Thought leadership: Jacobson frequently conducts in-depth market research, and we share our knowledge to support the industry’s talent endeavors. Our contributions have helped clients throughout the industry in developing effective strategies for attracting high-quality candidates and staying current on compensation best practices, in addition to addressing other pressing talent and recruitment issues facing the insurance industry.
  • Expansive talent network: In Virginia and elsewhere, Jacobson’s longevity and well-regarded industry reputation have facilitated the creation of a vast network numbering tens of thousands of high-caliber insurance professionals with expertise in the health, life, and property and casualty insurance markets.
  • Our client-centric focus: Jacobson believes trust is the most important element of a recruiting partnership, and our ability to cultivate trust through our commitment to acquiring the right talent for our clients is what makes us a leading Virginia insurance recruiting company. In fact, we only accept assignments for which we are confident we will be successful.

Delivering the Best Recruitment Solutions in Any Market

Jacobson is regarded as the industry’s recruitment leader. We know more about the intricacies of the insurance recruitment world than any other firm. We pride ourselves on being industry insiders, and many of our recruiters hold industry designations and are actively involved in the insurance community. Whether our clients operate solely in Virginia, across multiple states or even nationwide, we can provide effective, proven solutions to their recruitment needs. Jacobson has the world-class insurance expertise necessary to meet the specific position requirements of our clients throughout the Virginia market and beyond.

The Leading Insurance Recruitment Solution

Jacobson’s unmatched expertise in the insurance industry, along with our extensive network of high-caliber insurance talent and commitment to achieving success for our clients, makes us the premier source of insurance recruiting solutions.

To learn how we can provide the insurance talent you need to achieve success, including executive talent, temporary staffing solutions and more, contact us today.






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