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Insurance Recruiting In New York

New York is undoubtedly one of the biggest insurance capitals in the United States; and like the greater insurance talent marketplace, the New York market is amidst a fierce war for talent. Many insurance companies are expanding their reach outside of their traditional networks by enlisting the professional recruiting services of The Jacobson Group to help them attract both tenured and emerging talent to New York. Jacobson has a long-standing history of providing recruitment solutions exclusively to the insurance sector. We have built an unparalleled network of high-caliber insurance professionals throughout the state of New York and across the United States, who can apply their expertise and experience to our clients’ talent needs on a permanent or project basis. With a client satisfaction rating of 97%, Jacobson has become one of the premiere insurance recruiters in New York.

Demonstrated Success in the Insurance Industry

Jacobson is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of insurance recruitment services. We leverage our deep industry knowledge and proven recruiting expertise to identify, attract and recruit the best talent for our clients’ open positions. Our clients benefit from the following:

  • Our insurance recruitment expertise: Our insider industry knowledge is unrivaled by other firms. Our expertise extends across the life, health, and property and casualty insurance sectors. Combined with our deep knowledge of insurance recruiting in New York, we can quickly identify candidates who are poised to make a positive impact on our client organizations.
  • Our in-depth market research: Jacobson is a well-recognized thought leader on a variety of talent issues. We frequently engage in extensive market research through proprietary industry surveys. Our clients benefit from the knowledge and perspective this research affords us. Our contributions have helped the industry benchmark effective strategies for attracting high-quality candidates, offered best practices on compensation, and addressed other pressing talent and executive insurance recruitment issues facing the insurance industry.
  • Expansive talent network: In New York and nationwide, Jacobson’s longevity and credibility have facilitated the creation of a vast network of tens of thousands of high-caliber insurance professionals with expertise across the health, life, and property and casualty insurance verticals.
  • Leaders who commit to trust: As experienced insurance company recruiters, Jacobson believes trust is the foundation of a successful recruiting partnership. We are committed to developing a long-term relationship with our clients beyond the search at hand. Thus, we pride ourselves on our integrity and openness with our clients, and we will only accept assignments for which we are confident we will be successful.

Proven Recruitment Process

Jacobson’s success in locating, attracting and recruiting the best available insurance talent in the industry is due to the expertise and skill of our insurance recruiting specialists. By applying the same recruiting methodology, we utilize for our clients’ assignments, we select recruiting specialists who share our core values and sense of passion for the industry. By continuing to invest in our talent, we set ourselves apart from competitors in New York and beyond. Our insurance recruitment specialists continue to engage in the insurance community in New York and apply their knowledge to help our clients access the talent necessary to succeed not only in the present, but also into the future.

High-Caliber Recruitment Solutions Nationwide

Jacobson is the choice recruitment consultant in the insurance industry, providing unparalleled industry knowledge and an extensive network of professionals to 90% of the top insurers in the United States. Whether our clients operate solely in New York, across multiple states or globally, we can provide them with effective, focused solutions to their recruitment needs. Jacobson has the flexibility to deliver world-class insurance recruiting expertise to meet the specific needs of our clients across all industry disciplines and verticals.

Unparalleled Expertise for Clients

Jacobson’s unmatched expertise in the insurance industry — along with our extensive network of high-caliber insurance talent and commitment to achieving success for our clients — makes us the premier insurance jobs recruiters in the industry.

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