Corporate Responsibility

Organizational Integrity and Accountability

Our Commitment to Professionalism, Integrity and Excellence

At The Jacobson Group, we strive for excellence and hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Guided by our core values, every employee adheres to a stringent code of ethics, ensuring our clients and candidates consistently receive outstanding service. Through this commitment, we have built long-term relationships based on trust, satisfaction and success.

What Our Clients Can Expect

Working exclusively within the insurance industry, our reputation is our most valuable asset. Every engagement and project is approached with the intent of fostering long-lasting partnerships. Thus, we believe in establishing clear expectations to ensure a successful collaboration with our clients.

  • Ongoing Communication: Communication is key to a successful relationship. We initiate each partnership by discussing expectations regarding the timing of communication and deliverables, as well as your individual preferences. We are committed to keeping you updated throughout the entire process and to being as responsive as possible to your questions and concerns. In return, we ask you to do the same. Today’s challenging labor market requires that we keep the right candidates engaged by swiftly moving them through the recruiting process and making hiring decisions a priority.
  • Professional Representation: We are honored our clients entrust us with their reputations, and we take our responsibility of representing their organizations very seriously. We recognize the value of an employer brand and will seek to understand your culture, so we can truly serve as an extension of your company in the marketplace. We are committed to ethical sourcing techniques and would never source under pretext or falsehoods.
  • Commitment to Integrity: Throughout the past 50 years, Jacobson has established a reputation for professionalism and integrity within the insurance community. Our client relationships are founded on trust and mutual respect. We will always be transparent with you, informing you of potential challenges that might affect your search, including limitations imposed by marketplace conditions, salary ranges, geographic constraints or skill sets. Additionally, we will disclose any other client relationships that could impact your search.

    Further, we strive to represent candidates honestly and factually. We will share potential conflicts of interest due to employee relationships before presenting candidates. If desired, we will conduct comprehensive reference checks of the final candidate to ensure thorough vetting.

What Our Candidates Can Expect

Jacobson has built a strong professional network within the insurance industry, earning a reputation of credibility and trust through our everyday interactions.

Committed to fostering a safe and secure job-seeking environment for all, we feel compelled to address the rising threat of employment scams. These schemes involve fraudulent recruiters pretending to be legitimate ones, often soliciting personal information or money to move forward with fake job offers. Jacobson will never request monetary investments to engage with us or request personal information over an email or text message. We urge all professionals to remain vigilant and follow these tips to avoid falling victim to employment scams. If you suspect fraudulent behavior, please don’t hesitate to alert our legal team at [email protected] or +1 (312) 628-0383.

We are dedicated to being the premier career resource to the insurance industry.  As such, here is what you can expect from a Jacobson recruiter:

Transparent, Ongoing Communication:

At Jacobson, we value personal connections, and our recruiters will always attempt to email or call you directly when possible. Our recruiters’ emails contain a branded signature block with company contact information to help identify them as Jacobson personnel.

When we initially contact you via the messaging function on a job board or social networking platform where we came across your profile, our recruiter will often share high-level information and request an introductory call to further discuss the opportunity. During that preliminary call, our recruiters will introduce themselves, tell you about Jacobson, and provide details about the open role and hiring requirements to better gauge your interest and fit.

We believe in ongoing communication with our candidates and are committed to addressing your questions and concerns in a timely manner. We feel that understanding our recruiting and hiring processes and being aware of next steps are important.

While representing our client’s opportunity, Jacobson may schedule interviews, provide feedback and present offers on our client’s behalf. Job offers will be made personally over the phone or via a video call. If you are regrettably not selected for a role, we will share the client’s feedback and offer advice for future interviews, as appropriate.

Commitment to Privacy:

Our employees comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our business. The recruitment process is entirely confidential. Our recruiters work hard to protect your privacy and security. We will not provide any personal or identifiable information to our clients or any third party without your prior consent. Additionally, if you decide you would like to withdraw from the recruitment process at any time, please just let us know. For more information, visit our privacy policy.

Our Code of Ethics

Jacobson takes great pride in the strong principles upon which our firm was founded. We have incorporated these practices into our employee code of ethics to ensure our team members adhere to the highest ethical, moral and legal standards while conducting business on our behalf.

Our team members:

  • Always conduct themselves in a professional manner and provide their best work to promote the growth and success of our organization, our clients and our employees.
  • Comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our business and maintain high standards of ethical behavior while interacting with candidates, employees, clients and competitors.
  • Treat all candidates, employees, coworkers and clients in a professional manner and with dignity and respect.
  • Maintain high standards of integrity when representing our firm, clients and candidates in the marketplace.
  • Determine the experience and qualifications of candidates and employees as appropriate, or as required by law, and place the best qualified employee to fill the client’s needs.
  • Provide equal employment opportunities based on job qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, pregnancy, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation or any other legally protected status.
  • Clearly explain wage rate, applicable benefits, hours of work and other assignment conditions to employees prior to assignments and promptly pay any wages and benefits due in accordance with the terms of their employment and applicable legal requirements.
  • Satisfy all applicable employer obligations, including payment of the employer’s share of social security, state and federal unemployment insurance taxes, and workers’ compensation.
  • Ensure employees are assigned to work sites that are safe and that they understand the nature of the work the client has requested and can perform such work without injury to themselves or others.
  • Promptly respond to employee questions, concerns or complaints regarding unsafe work conditions, discrimination, or any other matter involving the terms and conditions of their employment.
  • Refrain from using confidential information, data on decisions, plans or any other proprietary information in a manner that might be contradictory to the interest of the firm without prior authorization.
  • Avoid any situation which involves or may involve a conflict between a personal interest and the interest of the firm by promptly disclosing the conflict of interest in writing to a manager.