Connect to the Right Insurance Career

Propel Your Insurance Career Forward

The Jacobson Group has proudly assisted more than 10,000 insurance professionals in achieving their career goals during the past decade. For more than 50 years, we have helped individuals advance their careers through job transitions, contract roles and consulting projects. At Jacobson, we strive to be the industry’s most trusted insurance career resource. How can we help move your career forward?

Partner with a Trusted Career Resource

Jacobson has cultivated a strong reputation within the insurance community, characterized by credibility and professionalism. Through our commitment to creating meaningful career connections, we offer a unique, seamless and personalized job search process:

  • Career Guidance and Expertise: Leveraging our extensive experience in insurance recruitment, Jacobson provides the personal attention you deserve, even if you are not in an active job search. We offer insights into industry trends, consult on long-term career objectives and address your job search inquiries.
  • Resumé Enhancement: We assist you in effectively highlighting your skills and expertise to convey your value to potential hiring managers.
  • Interview Preparation: From practicing sample questions to conducting thorough mock interviews, we ensure you are well-prepared for upcoming interviews and professional introductions.
  • Continuous Communication: Jacobson keeps you informed throughout the job search and interview process, acting as a reliable liaison between you and our clients to alleviate uncertainty.
  • Negotiation Support: Drawing on decades of marketplace knowledge, Jacobson facilitates negotiations with your prospective employer to secure a competitive salary and benefits package commensurate with your experience.

Experience the Difference of Contract Work with Jacobson

At Jacobson, we firmly believe our people are the key to our continued success — and yours. Our consultants and contract professionals are integral to delivering the results our clients expect and deserve, which is why we are committed to fostering a loyal temporary workforce.

We strive to provide a rewarding experience to our candidates beyond the hiring process. Once you are selected for a project, our committed onboarding coordinators ensure a seamless transition, setting you up for success. Throughout assignments, our team fosters a supportive environment by maintaining regular communication. Eighty percent of our staff opt to return to Jacobson for multiple client projects, citing our exceptional support and the quality of our client partnerships as key contributing factors.

Temporary employment provides numerous unique benefits not always available through traditional roles. In addition to the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, temporary positions offer flexibility and the chance to gain exposure to different organizations. Moreover, contracting with Jacobson not only allows consultants to supplement their independent consulting work, but it also provides access to a supportive network and valuable professional development opportunities. Joining our team opens doors to new experiences and skill sets.

We provide our interim employees with a comprehensive compensation package that extends beyond their paycheck*:

*Benefits based on eligibility.