10 Ways To Be a Great Leader in Today’s Environment

Posted by The Jacobson Group

Along with achieving business and monetary goals, today’s most successful leaders must also be able to ensure a positive employee experience, effectively lead through change, monitor and alleviate employee burnout, and much more. In our recent issue of Compass, Mike Abate, managing director, offers insights into leading in a way that inspires productivity and cultivates an environment of trust and influence. Below are 10 key behaviors that set the best leaders apart, from his feature article, "What Makes a Great Leader Today?"

10 Ways to be a Great Leader in Today’s Environment

01 Establish a clear and consistent vision that can rally a group toward achieving even the most ambitious of goals.

02Embrace a strong set of values, acting with integrity to build trust and inspire confidence among employees, colleagues and clients.

03Adopt a strategic approach that considers the bigger picture, including potential opportunities, challenges and risks.

04Become comfortable relying on others to provide information and insight, evaluating what you know and recognizing when you’re able to make an informed decision and move forward.

05Demonstrate empathy and authenticity to foster connections and rapport with employees, clients and peers.

06Accurately identify strengths and weaknesses (including your own) to best leverage everyone’s capabilities.

07Cultivate active listening skills and remain open to ideas, opinions and feedback from all levels of the organization.

08Encourage innovation by providing the space and support for individuals to take calculated risks and think creatively, cultivating an environment in which new ideas are valued and heard.

09Support and advocate for team members’ growth through mentorships, training and education, cross-departmental shadowing, and more.

10Lead with a growth mindset that embraces failure and opportunities to learn.

By focusing on areas such as relationship-building, development and mutual trust, current and future leaders will be best equipped to successfully meet the demands of an evolving workplace. View the full article for more on being an effective, people-focused leader in the context of today’s environment.

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