Anatomy of Today’s Successful Insurance Leader

Posted by Richard Jacobson

Anatomy of Today's Successful Insurance LeaderMy most recent posts have explored the tightening insurance labor market. With the war-for-talent in full-swing, the demand for executive-level insurance talent is no exception. Add to the mix a constantly evolving industry, requiring leaders who inspire innovation and change, and you have a lot of critical positions that are difficult to fill.

As Greg, my brother and partner here at Jacobson, so eloquently puts it: “We have emerged from the recession changed and the new economy requires a new type of leader to guide our evolving workforce.”

Drawing from our executive search experience, we have found that today’s successful insurance leaders have three traits in common: critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and the ability to build trust.

Greg recently penned a white paper on this topic, which also includes smart ways to identify these traits, or lack thereof, throughout the search process. I invite you to read the full white paper here and learn more about what leadership skills are in demand.

What characteristics do you believe are most important for insurance leaders? Share your thoughts in the comments.