Creating a Positive Employee Experience in Today’s Environment

Posted by The Jacobson Group

In today’s environment, creating an engaging employee experience that transcends geographic boundaries and asynchronous schedules has become a priority for many insurance leaders. In our recent issue of Compass, Corey Pinkham, senior vice president, shares how to cultivate a work environment that positively impacts each individual. Below are just a few of the key takeaways from their feature article, "Creating an Exceptional Employee Experience."

Creating a Positive Employee Experience in Today’s EnvironmentRecognize the employee experience may look different depending on where an individual is within their employment lifecycle.

Providing an exceptional employee experience regardless of tenure, level and location should be an ongoing goal. This includes offering growth opportunities, fostering a sense of belonging, promoting ongoing communication and reflecting your culture in daily actions and decisions. However, this will look different depending on where each individual is within their lifecycle with your company. For example, it’s vital to help new hires feel a sense of connection to their role and team early on, while also helping them visualize their future with your organization. For more tenured individuals, focus on offering new challenges and increased exposure to keep them energized, and provide support as they adapt to changing work environments and new processes.

Recreate or reaffirm your company culture in the context of today’s environment.

It’s important to evaluate how culture is being outwardly reflected in remote and hybrid settings and ensure it’s aligned with your corporate values. A few areas to examine include how you’re nurturing relationships and building a sense of community, ways you’re prioritizing mental well-being, and whether growth and development opportunities are as robust as they were pre-COVID. Additionally, boundaries are often more ambiguous in hybrid environments, making it necessary to set clear expectations around productivity and performance, while leading by example and encouraging individuals to step away from work and recharge.

Break down corporate silos and encourage collaboration.

Even if day-to-day information sharing has slowed down within your organization, there are ways to proactively rekindle collaboration within your team and across departments. Identify potential silos and set clear expectations around communication. This may include implementing monthly meetings, initiating joint projects and/or exploring new tools. Help create a shared sense of purpose by ensuring individuals understand the company’s larger goals, as well as how their roles and their colleagues’ roles contribute to the organization’s success.

By investing in an exceptional employee experience, you’ll be able to optimize your most valuable asset – your people! View the full article for additional best practices.

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