Creating a Positive Remote Culture

Posted by The Jacobson Group

In the past two months, insurers and their employees have been forced to adapt to a new business reality. Physical office locations are closed and some individuals are working from home for the first time in their careers. Other professionals may be accustomed to remote work, yet are now also responsible for educating their children, caring for family members and juggling additional responsibilities throughout their days. At the same time, many managers have never led completely remote teams, resulting in additional challenges and learning curves.

compass12.3-02This new reality brings with it a number of hurdles and opportunities related to corporate culture. In order to keep employees engaged in the current virtual climate, employers must take a proactive and intentional approach, recognizing that it is not business as usual. Additional check-ins, increased empathy and clear expectations are just a few ways to help employees remain productive in these times of uncertainty.

In a recent white paper, The Jacobson Group’s senior vice president of human resources, JoJo Harris, shared best practices for keeping employees connected and involved while working remotely. These include the following:

  • compass12.3-01-1Leveraging technology, including video conferencing and instant messaging tools
  • Providing clear and frequent communication, such as weekly one-on-ones and regular all-company meetings
  • Promoting work-life balance and remaining empathetic to additional stresses and personal responsibilities
  • Encouraging leaders to set the tone by talking about their families and how they’re coping in the current environment
  • Appointing individuals to help lead discussions to drive culture and build camaraderie, while ensuring everyone feels included

View the white paper, “Managing a Remote Employee Culture,” for additional insight on these and other best practices. For more insight and advice on managing remote employees, view this recent post.