Doctor, Doctor: Uncovering Today’s Wackiest Health Insurance Claims

Posted by Richard Jacobson

Crazy Health Insurance ClaimsFrom Christmas tree missiles to insured body parts, we have covered a number of unique insurance policies and claims. But what about in the world of health insurance? With more and more individuals electing into insurance coverage, surely there must be a growing number of exceptional claims. So what are some of the most unusual insurance claims found in the health industry?

Here are three extraordinary health claims covered by insurance companies. Enjoy!

  1. Love at First Sight?: A young British tourist was vacationing in Athens, Greece, when he was distracted by a group of women walking down the street. Not looking where he was going, the tourist walked into a bus shelter and broke his nose. Despite his embarrassment, he managed to make his way to the hospital and was quickly fixed up. His insurance company covered the hospital bill.

  1. The Great Escape: While trying to exit her car, a young woman got caught in her door. Adding to her dilemma, the door locked with her keys safely tucked away in her purse—far out of reach. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan stopped by, fished out her keys and opened the door. After achieving her freedom, the woman drove herself to the hospital where she received a few stitches and treatment for severe bruising. Her insurance carrier paid for her ER visit and treatment.

  1. Down the Hatch: In less than an eight-year time span, a single Rhode Island hospital treated more than 300 cases of intentionally swallowed objects. These ran the gamut from pens and batteries to razors and knives. Combined, these cases ran up more than $2 million in medical bills. Despite knowing that their actions would result in bodily injury, the insurance companies were on the hook for payment. Only those that include clauses in their contracts that exempt them from paying for self-inflicted injuries were able to avoid coverage.

Have you heard of any other bizarre health insurance claims? We’d love to hear about them!