Is “Job Hopping” No Longer Passé?

Posted by Richard Jacobson

Job HoppingOnce considered “career suicide,” having a resume with multiple short tenures was a sure fire way to get your job application immediately discarded. However, the volatile business climate of the last few years has resulted in a permanent mindset shift away from job longevity.

Some of today’s professionals are touting “job hopping” as a form of strategic career enhancement, allowing them to attain more prestigious positions with higher salaries in a much shorter span of time. Changing jobs, and being promoted in the process, allows today’s young professionals to move past traditional “dues paying” and quicken their ascent up the corporate ladder. In addition, job changes provide an opportunity to build a background with diverse employers, cultures and experiences.

Now more than ever, professionals are embracing a culture of “job hopping.” Organizations who continue to harbor outdated perspectives will struggle in the encroaching war for talent. However, keeping an open mind and embracing “job hopping” applicants will open up insurers to a wide pool of talent who are poised to make an impact.

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