Is Your Talent Brand up to the Job?

Posted by Richard Jacobson

Talent BrandingDo you know how your organization is perceived outside of the office? Do potential candidates view your organizations as a great place to work? 

As Catherine Prete, Jacobson’s senior vice preside of operations, discussed in our latest edition of Compass, your talent brand can play an important role in attracting and retaining professionals. In fact, 83 percent of global recruiting leaders report that a strong reputation is a critical driver behind hiring top employees. 

Often described as “the people’s voice,” your talent brand is your public image. It encompasses not only your company culture, but also the feelings, impressions and perceptions your employees and stakeholders have about your organization. It also includes the social presence that you promote, via external websites, job boards, social networks and more.  

With today’s talent market becoming more and more challenging, having a strong, positive public persona may be the key in successfully fulfilling your talent needs. In fact, a strong talent brand has been known to enhance an organization’s reputation and name recognition, cut down on human resource costs, and assist in recruiting high-quality candidates. 

Despite all the benefits provided by a positive company image, a number of organizations are failing to strategically build and foster their external reputations. If your company is missing a talent brand strategy, now is the time to start developing one. 

Compass-TeaserThere are a number of key questions that can provide a baseline to get started. Consider what your employees think of your organization. Do job candidates have a positive perception of your company? What values does your organization hold and how well are they upheld? The responses will give you insights on where you need to focus your branding efforts and what promotional activities need to be undertaken. 

If you would like to learn more about talent branding and the strategies and best practices for successfully promoting your unique employer image, download Compass.