Jacobson Employee Spotlight – Q1 2024

Posted by The Jacobson Group

Each quarter we take time to acknowledge the incredible team members at Jacobson who drive our company's ongoing success. Their dedication to helping our clients achieve their talent goals is truly commendable. Below, we shine a spotlight on a few of our talented Jacobson team members and the roles they play.

Get to Know Jacobson


Sourcer, 5 years at Jacobson

Hometown: I grew up in Barrington, Illinois and now call Evergreen, Colorado home. 

Alma Mater: Indiana University - Go Hoosiers!

Describe Your Role: I support Jacobson's corporate talent acquisition. I help identify and recruit new employees to Jacobson across all internal functions.

Favorite Show: "The Guilded Age"

Jacobson in Three Words: Collaborative, Respectful, Experts

A Professional Skill You Are Actively Developing: Active listening 

You Are Happiest When You Are: Lounging at home with my kids, a nice glass of red wine in hand, and a steak dinner being prepared by my husband

Advice For Newcomers to The Industry: Ask a lot of questions and be willing to learn from the ground up

Favorite Food: Sushi or steak 

What Inspires You to Excel in Your Role: My co-workers and manager, I have the unique opportunity to partner with many hiring managers at Jacobson and adapt to different processes. This allows me to continually learn from others.


Recruiter, 2 years at Jacobson

Hometown: Lake City, Florida

Alma Mater: University of Central Florida

Describe Your Role: I am part of the interim experts team, serving as a recruiter within the temporary staffing department. Our goal is to swiftly address our clients' temporary staffing requirements while actively engaging with professionals within the insurance industry.

What Inspires You to Excel in Your Role: My wife, my kids and my team here at Jacobson

Advice For Newcomers to The Industry: Treat everyone you connect with the same way you would want to be treated. It helps build rapport, maintain better relationships and grow your network. 

Favorite Food: Pizza all day, especially locally owned fresh pizza

Last Show You Binge-Watched: I was one of the millions that binged "Suits" last year on Netflix. Highly recommend!

If You Won the Lottery, What is The First Thing You Would Do? Our goal has been to: pay off our mortgage and send our kids to college debt free. We would also donate to charities close to our hearts.


Administrative Specialist, 8 months at Jacobson

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Alma Mater: Northeastern Illinois University

Describe Your Role: I work in the operations department as an administrative specialist. I am responsible for coordinating travel needs for our consultants. I also assist the office with any administrative tasks.

Last Show You Binge-Watched: I just finished watching season two of "The Guilded Age" series.

Jacobson in Three Words: Professional, Friendly, Committed

You Are Happiest When You Are: With my family

Favorite Restaurant: Carson's Ribs

Random Fact: In March, I'm attending my first Bad Bunny concert with my sister and cousins. I'm super excited and having my family with me will make the experience even more enjoyable!

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