Jacobson Employee Spotlight – Q2 2024

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At The Jacobson Group, we take pride in the remarkable contributions of our team members. Each month, we highlight a few of our corporate employees from across the company as they share a bit about themselves and their roles. 

Janet Foor Janet Foor

Assistant Vice President and Client Relationship Manager, 25 years at Jacobson

Hometown: Originally from Philadelphia, Chicago is home now

Alma Mater: Penn State

Describe Your Role: I serve as a client relationship manager within our professional recruiting practice, overseeing all facets of searches, including client development, candidate recruitment and the complete facilitation of the process.

Last Book You Read: I just reread "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Jacobson in Three Words: Collaborative, Inclusive, Professional

Something You Recently Learned: Not to sweat the small stuff

You Are Happiest When You Are: Spending time with family and friends

Advice For Newcomers to the Industry: Patience, persistence and a good sense of humor will do you well.

If You Won the Lottery, What is The First Thing You Would Do: Report for work the next morning

What Inspires You to Excel in Your Role? Since I work a full recruiting desk, I get to experience a happy client and a happy candidate. It's a win/win situation.

Jennifer Rigsby Jennifer Rigsby

Operations Researcher, 3 years at Jacobson

Hometown: St. Louis. One side of my family has lived in the Midwest since the 1600s.

Alma Mater: Washington University in St. Louis. I studied history and anthropology.

Describe Your Role: As an operations researcher, I have a dual role that combines candidate sourcing with some administrative work, such as editing and formatting documents we send to clients. Jacobson actually created this role for me based on my skills and interests, and both parts of my job have proven to complement each other well.

Random Fact: I come from a history and genealogy background. When deciding whether to buy my house, I couldn't evaluate it structurally, so I researched its history instead. I found 1940s-photographs in local St. Louis newspapers showing Mayor Fiorello La Guardia of New York inside my house, visiting a woman who once lived there. They both came from military families and had been neighbors at two different points. I signed the papers immediately.

One Professional Skill You Are Actively Learning: Recently, I've been helping compile research to support business development, exploring different resources and ways to apply information. Getting to know the depths of the insurance industry and all the functions required to run a company is a constant learning experience. I plan to start the second course of the AINS (Associate in Insurance) designation soon.

Favorite Food: I started learning to cook a few years ago with meal kits. Since then, I've found it more satisfying to make my own meals versus going to restaurants. It's like a (strangely laborious and time-consuming) form of magic to transform raw ingredients into something impressive. My favorite meals are those that allow me to quickly reheat a fancy-looking lunch the next day or two; I make a lot of quiche.

Last Book You Read: I read a lot, so I'll say that my favorite book of all time is "The Count of Monte Cristo," and my favorite read this year was "Night Film" by Marisha Pessl. The last book I finished was "I Have Some Questions for You" by Rebecca Makkai, which was recommended by someone at Jacobson. I recommend it in turn. My favorite Jacobson activity is our quarterly book club, as talking about books is a fun way to connect with other Jacobson employees. I really love that we have that.

In Your Time at Jacobson, What Has Been Your Favorite Project? I love working on something new or complicated. It can sometimes be a steep learning curve at the beginning, but ultimately, I know that's when the most improvement in my overall work happens.

Agnes CapronAgnes Capron

Contracts and Compliance Manager, 2 years at Jacobson

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey

Alma Mater: The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Describe Your Role: As a contracts and compliance manager, I oversee the daily operations of our legal department. My responsibilities include reviewing and facilitating the negotiation of contracts with clients, as well as managing contracts with vendors.

Last Show You Binge-Watched: "3 Body Problem" on Netflix

Jacobson in Three Words: Home, Team, Collaborative

What Inspires You to Excel in Your Role? My desire to always be and do better

Favorite Restaurant: I love Cuban and Filipino food.

One Professional Skill You Are Actively Developing: I am currently enrolled at Villanova University, taking a class on government contract management.

Advice For Newcomers to the Industry: Always be curious. Wanting to know the "why" keeps me constantly learning, improving my skills, and obtaining new ones. The industry is constantly shifting, and you have to stay current to add value wherever you go. My innate curiosity has served me well throughout my career.

Random Fact: I am obsessed with true crime and legal shows. Don’t be surprised if I’m watching a police interrogation of a suspect on YouTube at this very moment.

You Are Happiest When You Are: Swimming at the beach

Something You Recently Learned: It's never too late to learn something new.

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