Management Techniques for CAT Season Success

Posted by The Jacobson Group

As we continue through CAT season in the midst of a global pandemic, being prepared for the unknown is more important than ever. In order to best accommodate unforeseen circumstances and increased workloads, claims departments are leveraging hybrid teams that include a variety of employment types, including full-time and part-time employees, as well as interim resources. However, for these teams to be truly effective, insurers must understand how to best manage their blended teams.

Even as restrictions begin to lift and individuals physically return to the office, it’s likely many of your employees are working remotely for the foreseeable future. It’s vital that all employees, whether they are full-time or interim, remote or onsite, are able to effectively work together in a well-organized and productive way that best services your customers.

Recently, Karen Lopez, client advisor at The Jacobson Group, shared how claims managers can best support blended teams during CAT season. In her Insurance Journal article, “Managing Blended Teams for CAT Season Success,” she shares several best practices for remaining productive during this unpredictable time.

  • Be strategic. Determine what you are trying to accomplish and build the right team to get you there.
  • Include full-time employees in the process. Ask about their pain points and explain how new team members will complement their current jobs.
  • Set clear expectations around roles and responsibilities. This will help you avoid future misunderstandings and mitigate potential conflict.
  • Develop a comprehensive onboarding plan for all employee types. Welcome individuals to the organization and make sure they are set up for success from day one.
  • Help all employees feel included, supported and involved. Consider how your communication channels may need to evolve to accommodate various employment types and locations.
  • Immerse all employees – even freelancers and contract employees – in your team and company culture. This helps instill a sense of ownership and purpose.

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