The Insurance Trifecta: Embracing a Career of Meaning and Reward

Posted by The Jacobson Group

Insurance_Careers_Month.pngThis blog entry is part two in Jacobson’s Insurance Careers Month series.

Often described as old-fashioned, behind the times and an “old boy’s club,” the reality of the insurance industry as a noble career choice is being overshadowed by popular misconceptions. As a result, the true story of insurance is being overlooked.

Insurance Careers Month - RewardingInsurance is an industry that “does good.” It provides valuable services to society and serves “the noble cause.” It has a long history of making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities—from life insurers, devoted to helping individuals through some of the most difficult times in their lives; to health insurers, helping individuals maintain their health and well-being; to property and casualty organizations, who are dedicated to protecting hard earned assets and supporting individuals touched by disaster. While insurance is an industry and a product that many individuals overlook in their daily lives, it is always there during a customer’s time of need.

Today’s young professionals want to work for an organization where they can find meaning. They look for companies where they can make an impact, where they feel like they are contributing to the greater good. With this focus on social impact and a rewarding workplace, sharing the true story of insurance—as an industry that plays a vital part in ensuring that individuals, business, events and property are protected—is critical.

Rewarding Insurance CareerInsurance organizations are shifting their focus toward better balancing their business needs with those of their consumers. They are placing increased emphasis and renewed focus on the customer experience. They are realigning their corporate initiatives and goals with the needs and wants of their policyholders.

Looking beyond consumer relationships, insurance organizations are beginning to turn their focus inwards. They are now devoting their time and energies toward creating a company culture that engages and attracts top talent. They are renewing their professional development opportunities, including continuing education and mentorship. Insurance associations are now offering programs to gain additional certifications and experience, and insurers are lending their support through financial reimbursements and company-supported study time. New investments in technology and innovation are enabling professionals to be a part of something new and exciting—defining the future landscape of the industry!

Thanks to the growing focus on the consumer experience and the shift toward corporate responsibility, the industry is making strides to promote the reality of insurance as a noble and gratifying profession. Internal changes are opening up new, positive opportunities to individuals looking to forge a successful and rewarding career. All in all, it is truly an exciting time to work within the insurance industry.