Today’s Evolving Talent Reality: Finding Success in a “Blended” Workforce

Posted by Richard Jacobson

View the Compass newsletter now.Today’s talent reality is shifting at a breakneck pace. This rapid evolution is bringing about an unprecedented movement away from the traditional workplace of recent years. Today’s modern workforce is increasingly “blended”—creating a unique combination of full-time, permanent employees working side-by-side with temporary professionals. Already, the inclusion of contract professionals is becoming the industry norm. However, 93 percent of organizations identify this widely growing “blended” workforce as a business concern.

As more and more organizations incorporate temporary employees into their staffing strategies, the challenge of effectively integrating these individuals is becoming a hot-button topic. Addressing this situation is vital to effectively developing a “blended” workforce.

AdobeStock_83714870.jpegIn our latest edition of Compass,  we share insights into the growth of temporary staffing within the industry and best practices and strategies for integrating contract professionals into an organization.

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