What does the crystal ball predict for staffing in 2015?

Posted by Richard Jacobson

0315 Talent Trends

A number of trending talent issues are sure to impact the insurance industry in 2015. From the growing focus on building a personalized talent brand to the rise in demand for tech talent, the industry is being shaped by a number of emerging trends. Here are seven trends we expect to influence the insurance industry in 2015.
  • Emerging Talent: As the industry faces a growing talent crisis, organizations are turning to young professionals and recent graduates to fill the gap.
  • Talent Branding: In today’s competitive recruitment climate, building an attractive, positive brand is key to success.
  •  Tech Talent: The demand for analytics and big data talent is causing insurers to rethink their hiring plans in order to better attract tech talent.
  •  Increased Industry Turnover: Companies must revisit their employee engagement strategies to combat the growing number of voluntary separations.
  •  Growth of Non-Traditional Employment: The rise in temporary employees is creating a unique solution to employers search for cost-efficient term staffing.
  • Technology Impacting Required Job Skills: The growing focus on technology is creating a demand for a new skillset among today’s job candidates.
  • Climate Risk: Increased demand for claims and underwriting professionals is causing insurance organizations to rethink their current disaster or natural event staffing strategies.

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