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Compass 17.1: Embracing Multigenerational Dynamics in Today's Workplace

In the feature article of this issue, Judy Busby and Rachel McCollister share best practices to help your employees communicate, collaborate and work effectively with all generations in today’s workplace.

Compass 16.4 Creating an Exceptional Employee Experience

As more insurance professionals work remotely, leaders must prioritize enhancing employee experience. In our Compass feature article, Brett Carter and Corey Pinkham share insights on fostering a positive impact on culture, collaboration and more.

Compass 16.3 Onboarding for Long-Term Success

A new hire's onboarding experience often sets the tone for their entire tenure with a company. Now more than ever, companies must consider how to translate their in-person onboarding approach to best accommodate virtual and hybrid environments. Download our newsletter to explore strategies for creating a thoughtful and strategic onboarding process to set employees up for long-term success.

Compass 16.2: Closing the Collaboration Gap

The insurance industry is settling into longer term hybrid and fully remote environments, and leaders are experiencing a learning curve. In this issue, Alicia Morris shares best practices on creating a culture that promotes effective collaboration in today’s virtual environment.

Compass 16.1: DEI: Commitment and Belonging at All Organizational Levels

As the industry continues its mission of increasing diversity in the executive levels and creating environments where all individuals feel they belong, committing to doing the work is the first step. Explore ways to prioritize DEI companywide to achieve lasting change on your journey toward an equitable and inclusive workforce.

Compass 15.4: Comprehensive Succession Planning for Future Success

As the business world settles into a longer term normal, many companies are reprioritizing succession planning. It is vital companies take the time to evaluate and develop their employees to meet their companies future needs. Explore best practices for effectively approaching succession planning beyond the executive ranks.

Compass 15.3: Recruiting Redefined: Staying Competitive Amid Realignment

As the world has evolved throughout the past 2 and a half years, so has the state of recruiting. Explore best practices for refining the candidate experience and attracting top talent in the evolving employment landscape.

Compass 15.2 Retaining Top Talent in Today's Competitive Labor Market

As the candidate’s market continues to intensify and recruiting difficulty hits an all-time high, retaining talent is more important than ever. Formal retention strategies should be a key area of focus within your organization. Explore comprehensive strategies for effectively retaining engaged and loyal teams in today's challenging environment.

Compass 15.1 Generation Z: Attracting and Retaining the Youngest Members of the Workforce

Today's tight labor market and the continued aging of the insurance industry make focusing on attracting and retaining members of Generation Z essential to a comprehensive talent strategy. Explore the importance of engaging young talent and the different ways your organization can help them grow into future leaders.

Compass 14.4 Maintaining a Leadership Presence in the Virtual Environment

As the workplace continues to evolve, adjustments to how you lead and develop your team are key to continued engagement and success. Explore how to adapt your leadership style to be most effective in today's hybrid environment.

Compass 14.3: Coming Out Ahead in The Great Reshuffle

Stay ahead of "the Great Reshuffle" the insurance industry is experiencing. Reevaluate your approach to onboarding and retention to improve job satisfaction, recruit top performers and create a people-focused work environment.

Compass 14.2: Virtual Management That Transcends the Generations

As you continue adjusting your management approach to keep employees engaged and productive, it's important to recognize varying needs and situations. Explore how to identify motivators and effectively manage across the five generations.

Compass 14.1: Emotional Intelligence - Effective Leadership in the New Workplace

Explore the four areas of emotional intelligence, as well as tools and techniques to strengthen and grow existing leadership skills.

Compass 13.4: An Intentional Approach to Remote Productivity

Shifting organizational dynamics and employees facing new challenges have leaders focused on how to manage and measure productivity.


Compass 13.3: Reimagining Your Organization to Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

Explore how leadership can provide guidance and support as they inspire employees to move forward and reimagine their organizatons for success.

Compass 13.2: Managing a Remote Employee Culture

In today’s physically isolated work setting, it’s important for organizations to promote a positive and supportive corporate culture that reflects your company values. By doing so, companies can keep their employees engaged and motivated.

Compass 13.1: Prioritizing Succession Planning in the New Year

In today’s competitive market, succession planning is often delayed in response to more immediate business needs. However, now is the time to prioritize creating strategic and intentional plans that will contribute to long-term company success.

Compass 12.4: Engaging Seasoned Industry Talent

This issue's feature article discusses how insurers can embrace the diverse workforce and consciously engage their seasoned employees. By doing so, they can be best positioned to benefit from the unique skill sets and talents all employees have to offer.

Compass 12.3: What Does the Candidate-Driven Market Really Mean for Insurers?

This issue's feature article discusses the importance of considering the candidate's perspective and motivations. Jacobson's David E. Coons discusses how insurers can remain competitive in a candidate’s market including how to be strategic about offers and counter offers.

Compass 12.2: Developing a New Type of Leader

This issue’s feature article explores the importance of growing and developing leaders who can inspire and propel the organization's success. Jacobson’s JoJo Harris discusses how to identify future leaders and best practices for developing their strengths. By doing so, organizations will be well-positioned to navigate through current and future challenges.


This issue’s feature article explores the importance of retaining and developing Gen X professionals for future success. Jacobson’s Abbe Sodikoff suggests insurers offer competitive compensation programs and provide extensive development opportunities specifically geared toward Gen X employees. By doing so, organizations can sustain their executive talent pipelines and position themselves for a bright future.


This issue’s feature article explores building a purposeful culture that engages employees and positions organizations for future success. In her article, Jacobson's Judy Busby cautions that flexible work environments are just a quick fix and discusses other ways to build supportive, desirable and intentional workplaces needed to succeed in the future.



This issue’s feature article explores how AI is augmenting the workforce and redefining the future of work. Modernization projects driven by AI are permeating all functions industry-wide, and only those organizations who are effectively adapting to the new AI-infused workplace will experience continued success. We're sharing our insights on how organizations can empower employees, leveraging their talents alongside AI to realize the potential of this technological revolution.


The war for talent is here. No longer just an ominous warning for the future, the long-predicted talent crunch is hitting the insurance industry with incredible force. While the labor market’s rebound from its pre-recession state and its relative stability are certainly positive for organizations’ bottom lines, it has left insurers unprepared to face what is undoubtedly the most competitive recruiting environment the industry has ever faced. David E. Coons, senior vice president with Jacobson, shares his unique insights into the rise of a candidate-driven market. This edition also includes our regular overview of the industry’s current labor market and recent executive-level job changes.



Increasingly low unemployment rates, rising retirements and a tightening labor pool are creating a talent-led economy. Now more than ever, a positive candidate and employee experience is critical to attracting the best and brightest professionals. Human resources are now leveraging technology to more effectively recruit, onboard, train and engage employees. JoJo Harris, senior vice president with Jacobson, shares her unique insights into the rise of technology in HR. This edition also includes our regular overview of the industry’s current labor market and recent executive-level job changes.


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