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Customer Service Project Solutions

Our large network of customer service representatives has addressed both inbound and outbound call volume for both member and provider groups. We can immediately mobilize experienced customer service professionals with healthcare experience to client locations or establish them in a work-at-home environment.

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Hiring customer service consultants on a project or interim basis with the help of a professional recruiter has many advantages. This project solution is ideal for acquiring temporary support not only during predictable peak periods, such as open enrollment periods, but also for unforeseen high-workload situations.

These interim insurance customer service representatives are then seamlessly integrated within our client’s current infrastructure to improve the quality and consistency of customer interactions during peak periods or spikes in business. Customer service recruiters deliver the professionals needed to help manage scalability issues without having to bring on permanent employees, addressing the issue of understaffing at a lower cost.


Extensive Network

For more than 50 years, we have focused exclusively on insurance talent, allowing us to create the highest quality insurance professional network in the industry. The depth of our network allows us to quickly identify individuals who are a fit for our clients' assignments. Our teams can often get started in as a little as five days; and our clients’ results stand testament to the quality of staff we provide.


Skills and Expertise


To hire customer service representatives who can make an immediate impact on our clients, it is important to attract and recruit professionals who have the knowledge and qualifications necessary for the role. Customer service representatives are often the first point of contact for members and healthcare providers, making professionalism a critical attribute.

At The Jacobson Group, we pride ourselves on providing customer service professionals with the health plan knowledge and systems expertise necessary to meet the demands of today’s health insurance market and customer expectations. That is why more than 90 percent of the nation’s top health plans turn to Jacobson for operational support:

  • Member Service
  • Provider Service
  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Service
  • Inquiries and Correspondence Support

Our customer service staffing solution relies on an extensive network of individuals equipped to handle all the duties of a qualified representative, whether the project requires handling benefits requests or claim complaints from members or reimbursement queries from providers.

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