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Insurance Consultant Case Studies


Health Valuation Actuary
Jacobson's consultant delivered a new HealthMaster valuation system for LTC valuation, provided analysis and insight for revisions, and improved the system by identifying problems. Learn how our consultant became a valuable asset to our client's organization.
Long-Standing Talent Partnership
As our client evolved and expanded over the years, Jacobson was there to help with their shifting staffing needs. Learn how we became our client's preferred talent partner for temporary staffing across all functions.
Conversion Actuary
Our client's valuation team was looking for a consultant with expertise in actuarial software and common valuation methodologies. Learn how Jacobson quickly placed a consultant who exceeded this company's expectations.
Well-Established Talent Partnership
When a growing health plan was in need of enrollment support, Jacobson was there to help with their fluctuating staffing needs. Learn how our team built a well-established partnership with a client of nearly 15 years.
Medicare Compliance Consultant
This insurtech client required a compliance consultant to help mitigate workload fluctuations during the busy Medicare annual enrollment season. Learn how Jacobson delivered an expert that was able to make an immediate impact.




Facets Claims Processors (3)
Health Plan

Enrollment Administrators (3)
Health Plan

AMISYS Claims Adjudicators (2)
Health Plan

Commercial Lines Customer Service Representative
Insurance Broker

Agency Claims Coordinator
Insurance Agency

Property Claims Adjuster
Specialty Insurer




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