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Temporary Insurance Positions

Workload fluctuations are common place in the insurance industry. Seasonal factors, catastrophic events, rapid growth and special projects can all require temporary staffing to maintain service levels. To help clients meet those needs, The Jacobson Group provides access to skilled insurance talent for their temporary hire or temp-to-hire projects.

We align clients with local interim personnel with the experience necessary to make an immediate impact in claims positions, customer service roles, underwriting positions and other back and front office roles within an insurance company.


Sample Temporary Positions

The need to scale up staff temporarily shouldn't hinder a company's ability to deliver on quality and service standards. Our staffing services deliver professionals with specific functional and product line experience. We have successfully supported a variety of temporary and temp-to-hire projects including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Administrative Assistant
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Insurance Assistant
  • Medical Biller
  • Medical Collector
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  • Auto Claims Examiner
  • Health Claims Examiner
  • Life Claims Examiner
  • Property Claims Examiner
  • Call Center Representative
  • Licensed Customer Service Representative
  • Life and Health Customer Service Representative
  • Member Services Representative
  • Open Enrollment Representative
  • Provider Relations Representative
  • Health Underwriter
  • Health Underwriting Assistant
  • Life Underwriter
  • Life Underwriting Assistant
  • Property and Casualty Underwriter

Focus on the First Five Days: Setting Temporary Workers Up for Success

Experience Matters

The insurance industry landscape is ever-changing. New regulatory requirements, constantly innovating insurtech, and disruptions from inside and outside the industry require companies to be nimble. Consumers need additional health insurance coverage, the aging population is purchasing more life insurance, and catastrophic events - though less frequent - are more severe than ever. The need for experienced interim staffing for insurance positions is key to successfully managing workload fluctuations without sacrificing critical processes or satisfaction levels.

We recruit professionals in the field with product line experience in a wide range of insurance positions. We put the same resolve into finding talent for temporary insurance positions as we do for permanent ones. This commitment allows us to deliver the best fit available for our clients’ temporary insurance positions. 

In fact, we provide insurance professionals on a temporary basis across all levels and functions from the board room to the back room, inclusive of tenured subject matter experts and critical project teams. We are often called on to deliver subject matter experts for three- or four-month assignments requiring an average of 15 years of hands-on experience or specific leadership expertise. We also provides proven teams of insurance professionals as a rapid response project solution to critical workload situations.


Get Insurance Talent Now

For 50 years, Jacobson has partnered with insurance companies worldwide to provide access to the talent necessary for success. To connect with top talent to fill your interim staffing needs, contact us today.




Facets Claims Processors (3)
Health Plan

Enrollment Administrators (3)
Health Plan

AMISYS Claims Adjudicators (2)
Health Plan

Commercial Lines Customer Service Representative
Insurance Broker

Agency Claims Coordinator
Insurance Agency

Property Claims Adjuster
Specialty Insurer




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