Four Questions for a Mindful and Focused Job Search

Posted by Julie Dunn

As the industry experiences “the Great Reshuffle,” it’s likely many people within your network are accepting positions at new companies, reevaluating their professional paths or making lateral moves. The experiences of the past 18 months have inspired individuals to reprioritize their work and personal responsibilities. Professionals have adjusted their employer expectations and redefined career satisfaction and success.

Four Considerations for a Mindful and Focused Job Search7-07
However, if you are thinking about making a move, there are several factors and considerations that should go into an informed decision. Take the time to do your due diligence and be intentional and thorough in determining your next steps. Understanding your personal motivators and having a clear vision for what you are looking for in your next role will ensure you’re able to secure a position that best meets your expectations. Here are a few questions to help guide your decision-making process.

Creating a Best-in-Class Contingent Labor Program-blog-04Why do you want to make a move?
The pandemic has blurred the lines between professional and personal lives. For some, deciding whether to make a move has less to do with climbing the ladder and more to do with achieving broader life goals. Determine what you’re hoping to gain at a new company. More flexibility? A different work culture? The ability to further your education? Identifying your specific motivators will enable you to be more focused and effective in making meaningful changes.

Creating a Best-in-Class Contingent Labor Program-blog-05What do you have the power to change within your current role?
Once you’ve pinpointed your motivation, determine if there’s anything you can change within your current role to help meet those needs. Often, people are feeling restless in their responsibilities and the monotony of their days; it’s helpful to differentiate between feeling uncomfortable and being ready to make a move. How can you feel more connected to your coworkers or the organization? How can you add variety to your workday? Even if you ultimately decide to look for a new position, small changes can make a big impact on your happiness and fulfillment at work.

Creating a Best-in-Class Contingent Labor Program-blog-06What is your current organization willing
to provide?Q3 Recruiter Report-02

Before walking away from your current organization, make an effort to have genuine conversations with your manager to discuss what you’re looking for in your career and any short-comings or expectations that are not being met. Perhaps that’s more flexible hours, a four-day work week, more money or a change in title. Maybe it’s additional support and clarity in moving to the next level of your career. By initiating candid conversations, you’ll have more confidence in what your organization is willing and able to provide before you decide to leave.

Creating a Best-in-Class Contingent Labor Program-blog-07How can you target the right role?
If you’ve decided a new role is the right answer, leverage your network for insight on companies and opportunities that might be a fit. Consider meeting for coffee or having short Zoom calls to better familiarize yourself with other organizations and to share what you’re looking for. Be diligent in investigating companies and understanding their culture. Peruse employee review sights, talk with current and former employees, and seek out informational interviews. As you move through the interview process, be honest about your expectations. In the current environment, hiring managers have been very open to answering questions and providing additional information.

Although the industry is in a candidate’s market, simply changing roles won’t automatically equate to increased job satisfaction. Take the time to evaluate what you’re looking for and make informed and strategic decisions around your next career move.