ICM 2024: Why Choose a Career in Insurance

Posted by The Jacobson Group

Each February, the insurance industry comes together to celebrate Insurance Careers Month and highlight the industry’s many facets, showcase a vast array of jobs and career paths, and share why we love working in insurance! 

In the video below, our co-CEO, Greg Jacobson, shares just a few of the numerous benefits of working within the insurance industry. If you’re a young professional, student, or simply interested in learning how you can make an impact with a career in insurance, we hope you take this time to explore what the industry has to offer. 

To learn more about the limitless opportunities within the industry, follow #ICM2024 and #InsuranceCareersMonth on social media. Insurance Careers Month is the hallmark event of the Insurance Careers Movement, which The Jacobson Group is proud to support as a co-founder and steering committee member. 

To learn more about the Insurance Careers Movement, visit https://insurancecareersmovement.org/