Human Resources Joins the Technology Revolution

Posted by Richard Jacobson

Compass Teaser11.1.pngNow more than ever, we are living in a talent-led economy. Increasingly low unemployment rates, rising retirements and a tightening labor pool have created a candidate’s market. Building a positive candidate and employee experience amid this evolving economy is becoming increasingly critical. Only those organizations that focus on building effective interactions will be able to successfully attract and engage the best and brightest professionals.

Fortunately, mobile computing, analytics, sensors and artificial technology are completely reinventing what human resource (HR) technology—and HR itself—can do. Growing investments reflect organizational beliefs that these HR systems will increase efficiency, decrease time-to-hire and ensure more positive experiences. How are companies utilizing new technology to recruit top talent? What role can emerging advances play in driving engagement?

AdobeStock_113286811.jpegIn our latest edition of our newsletter Compass, JoJo Harris, Senior Vice President at Jacobson, shares her unique insights into the rise of technology in HR.

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