What Talent Trends Will Have an Impact on the Industry in 2016?

Posted by Richard Jacobson

Top Insurance Industry Trends2016 is poised to be a year of rapid change and innovation within the insurance industry talent market. From the rise of flexible work options to the growing analytics revolution, the industry continues to be influenced by a number of key emerging talent trends. Here are the eight top insurance industry trends for 2016.

  • Insurance Industry Talent Shortage Comes to a Head: A wave of retirements and low unemployment rates are creating a talent war within the insurance industry. Companies must rethink their current staffing strategies in order to get ahead.

  • Emerging Talent is the Key to the Industry’s Future: Faced with a growing talent gap, organizations are tasked with updating their current engagement and retention practices in order to reach the next generation of insurance professionals.

  • Time to Look Beyond the Industry: A tightening labor market is making it more and more difficult to find talent from within the industry. By shifting the focus towards skills and qualifications, insurers are able to find out of industry talent and grow them into valuable insurance professionals.

  • Interim Talent is Closing the Gap: Insurers are facing a number of new mandates and regulations that are expected to tax their current staff. Bringing on highly qualified interim professionals is quickly becoming the solution to support this growing demand for talent.

  • Flexible Work Options are Becoming the Business Strategy of the Future: Flexible work is quickly becoming a key engagement and retention tactic, creating happier employees and enabling organizations to expand their recruitment talent pools by looking past physical locations.

  • Hiring and Staffing Goes Mobile: The job search is moving to mobile. With the number of smartphone users on the rise, having a recruitment strategy that embraces digital advances is vital to reaching potential employees.

  • Insurance Industry Talent TrendsGamification is Taking Training to the Next Level: Traditional training is dull and boring. The rise of gamification is providing organizations an alternative method to increase engagement among new hires.

  • The Analytics Revolution is Here to Stay: Analytics is revolutionizing the business world. In order to fully embrace the innovations brought by growing technological advances, organizations are hiring analytics professionals at a rate more than five times faster than the overall national employment growth rate.

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